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To begin, I ask myself why start an Internet Broadcast Ministry when there are so many capable men and women of God sharing God’s word?  And you know, it always boils down to this fact: what have you done to share the word of God and how have you used the gift that He has given?  There were several questions I needed to answer first, based upon what, who, why, when, where and how. I knew I had the willingness, the desire and excitement to do this.  But has God by His Holy Spirit prepared me to do this?  In reflecting on this question, I discovered that He has been preparing me for some time and has culminated in Sharing God’s Word Today Broadcast Ministry.  By my teachings, recorded preaching, writings, individual group bible studies, personal research and studies, discussion with the Saints of God and finally my apprenticeship on a local radio station, God had prepared me.  I was offered and really  not that enthusiastic about being on a weekly radio broadcast and suggested another person who I thought would be a good broadcaster and/or presenter.  However, that was not God’s plan.  As I moved into broadcasting at this station, I became aware that this is what was needed today, the sharing of God’s word in these last days.  The Adversary does not want the Saints of God to spread His word to a lost and dying world.  Therefore, he had us taken off the air because of the work being done there.  The adversary thought that he had defeated us; however, that was not the case.  God’s plan involved moving me out of that restrictive and unfavorable environment and into His own Internet Radio Broadcasting Station and TV/Video networking.  

This work involved learning about how to start and Internet radio station, what was needed in the way of equipment, software and installation of the software.  It included downloading data from the Internet and speaking with knowledgeable individuals about computer applications for software integration.  It included gaining an understanding of how to record live and how to list on the Internet broadcasting station past messages and teaching.  It led to obtaining a standalone computer telephone number which would allow callers to call in from all over the world.  I also needed a website to contain broadcast ministry information as well as what this ministry is all about.

This aggressive timetable was completed within three weeks, without any prior knowledge about Internet radio or programming.

God, by His Holy Spirit did all things decently and in order!

Thank you Jesus!

Faithfully Yours, 

William T Bailey, Jr., PhD,  MBA,  M.Ed

The following is a presentation by William Bailey.  This and other videos can be watched on Youtube at Sharing God’s Word Today Broadcast Ministry.  Please call/email me at 513-442-2644, or for more information!

Listen to “Kingdom of Heaven Parables, For Hearers Only”!  7/21/13